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What happens when you put together an obsessive planner with an artsy mind? Well, you get Michele.

Hi there. I’m Michele. I’m a self-taught artist who loves to put a creative twist on everything I do, from life with my dogs, entertaining at home, and traveling.

I started my blog to share my step-by-step party instructions. There is joy when getting together with friends, and planning is a must! My checklist and handbook will keep you on track. I’ll give you suggestions for themes, menus, and time-saving tips, along with invitations, decorations, and take-home gifts to make. All this will make your special occasion one your guests will love and remember.

I also enjoy spending hours researching fun itineraries for some of the best vacation cities around the United States. When I’m not on my computer, drawing or working on new creative projects, I’m usually spending time with my husband, Jon, and spoiling the heck out of my two dogs, Tank and Tara. My fur babies run the house and keep me laughing with their quirky personalities.

I’m most passionate about helping others find joy in entertaining, traveling, baking, and crafting. And along the way sharing kindness and opening the door to your creative soul.


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